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BIRD WATCHING: NMWLS is paradise for birdwatchers from all walks of life. It is considered as Bharatpur of Maharashtra. Tourist coming to the NMWLS sanctuary has ample options to pursue bird watching at different locations within the sanctuary. Chapadgaon, Manjargaon, Nandur Madhameshwar Dam, site just below the dam, Reserved Forest at Dindori Taas, Kathargaon, Kurudgaon are Hot Spots of bird watching. Major duck assemblage is at Chapadgaon, Manjargaon and Kothure, site below the dam hosts waders and cliff swallows, Reserved Forest at Dindori Taas is home of beautiful peacoks whereas Kathargaon is major attraction for Cranes during migration period. Facilities like Watch Towers, Bird Hide and Bird Watching gallery are in place for bird watching.

BAGLA FESTIVAL: Hundreds of egrets gather at dusk around Acacia trees near Chapadgaon Tourist Centre every day during migration period. After some time they start circumventing the trees to see any danger before settling for roost at night. They are also accompanied by cormorants and herons. This daily festival can be seen at close distance from bird hide and watch tower near Chapadgaon Tourist Centre.

NATURE TRAIL: About two and half kilometer Nature Trail near Chapdgaon Tourist Centre gives exposure to wetland habitat. Interspersed with watch towers it also gives good bird watching experience.  

PEACOCK TRAIL: 55 Ha. Reserved Forest is home for hundreds of beautiful Peacocks. They can be best seen during evening. Here tourist can also find Hyena and Wolves.    

NANDUR MADHAMESHWAR DAM:  The weir was constructed on confluence of Godavari & Kadwa Rivers is major attraction for tourist both during Monsoon and winter season. The fall of water from walls of weir and gates during Monsoon and glimpse of Waterfowls, Madhameshwara Temple and Sangmeshwara temple during winter enrich visitors’ experience.

Besides, Winged Visitors NMWLS is also known for its historic temples. Temples especially on the banks of the Godavari and Kadwa Rivers attracts pilgrims throughout the year for their archeological and aesthetic beauty.

    The temple is 250-year-old made up of stone and mortar and stands on a small, rocky islet just below the Nandur Madhameshwar Pickup Weir. The sabhamandap has small arched entrances and a 9 ft high dipmal in front of it. An inscription dated 1738 is engraved on the dipmal records the name of ascetic. The Nandur Madhameshwar village, the Nandur Madhameshwar Pickup weir and thereby Nandur Madhameshwar Wildlife Sanctuary has got name from it.

    A small Shiva temple is located on the left bank of Kadva River at Kathargaon. A stone carved big Pindi and Nandi is found here. The area around the temple is best site for Crane sightings in winter. You can also see picturesque confluence of the River Godavari and the River Kadva.

    Established in 1716 by Sir Malhar Dadaji Kadam, Baneshwar Temple is situated at Kothure. It is on the bank of Godavari River. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, widely referred here as Baneshwar. He is in the form of Pindi. There are two Pindis, the second one is situated exactly under the first one. A "Yatra" is organized on Maha Shivaratri Day every year. The temple is nearly 3 km from the Nasik-Aurangabad Highway. The nearest railway station is at Niphad.

    This temple located about 500 meter from right bank of Godavari River in Nandur Madhameshwar Village. The temple complex has tw0 temples namely Mrugvyadeshwar Temple and Shani Maharaj Temple. Tourist coming from Niphad can visit this on road temple complex.

The Nandur Madhameshwar Sanctuary Religious Tourist Circuit Map is under development

    NMWLS is located on Nashik- Shirdi- Aurangabad Tourist Circuit. Tourist traveling on this circuit can spare some time to see biodiversity of NMWLS. Tourist locations like Trimbakeshwar, Tapovan, Shirdi, Ellora Caves, Deogiri Daulatabad Fort and Aurangabad are located on  65 kms, 40 kms, 70 kms, 145 kms, 150 kms and 165 kms respectively from NMWLS.

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