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1. HISTORY - Yawal wildlife sanctuary is an excellent habitat for wildlife of central India came into existence vide Government of Maharashtra Resolution, Revenue & forest department dated 21 January 1969. Area constituted by sanctuary is 172.57 includes 58 compartments of Pal & Jamnya Range. There are villages like Gadrya, Jamnya, Usmali, Garbardi, Langda-amba, Saybupada (Nimdya) where tribal population is predominant. Main tribes are Tadvi, bhills, Pawra. the Pal name is derived from Pallavi the daughter of ancient ruler. Agriculture is the livelihood of villagers.

2. LOCATION - Located in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra state. Sanctuary is spreads between 75o 33' to 70o 54' E longitues & 21o 15' to 21o 24' N latitudes. The sanctuary is spread like elongated strip bordering Madhyapradesh state.   

3. TOPOGRAPHY - Yawal wildlife sanctuary is located in compact block or reserved forest spread over Satpuda mountain ranges. These mountain ranges are mostly in east west length & heavily criss-crossed by number of streams & streamlines which makes the terrain difficult to communication. Aner, Manjal, Suki, Mor & Bhokar are rivers constituting drainage system of sanctuary. Valley formed is very narrow in width & valley sides are steep slopes. Latitudinal variations are more varies from 400 M to 1074 M above MSL.

4. GEOLOGY - The major of satpuda is covered by basaltic flows, commonly known as Deccan traps. Volcanic rocks are considered to be produces of fissure types of eruptions of upper cretaceous to lower Eocene period.

5. CLIMATE - Latitudinal variations accompanied by the orientation of mountain ranges have noticeable impact on general climate of sanctuary area. Distinct seasons are noticed & these are monsoon from June to October, winter from November to February, summer from march to may.

6. APPROACH & ACCESS - Pal is the important entrance point for the visit to the sanctuary & it is approachable in all whether by road from Bhusawal & Raver, taluka headquarter & Jalgaon, district headquarter. The facility of telephone & rural health centre is available at Pal. the township Raver & Savada are at 24km & 30km Away from Pal where fuel, hotels, hospitals & transport etc are available.

The sanctuary supports variety of wild animals such as tiger, leopard, wild dog, antelope, jackal, wild boar & variety of birds. Flying squirrel & Chinkara are the endangered species exists in sanctuary area. Yawal is the only wildlife sanctuary found in Jalgaon district. Satpuda ranges have numbers of protected areas such as Pench National park, Melghat tiger reserve, Yawal wildlife sanctuary, Anerdam sanctuary & this track is very important for the movement of free flow of wildife & exchange of genes. Hence Yawal wildlife sanctuary forms an important link of this protected area network. The conservation & proper management of the entire area can create an ideal biosphere reserve.

The proposed tiger corridor like Melghat - Yawal sanctuary - Anerdam sanctuary which connects to forest of satpuda tiger reserve in MP & from there to Pench tiger reserve both in MH & MP is most significant for tiger habitat.


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